SMS Billing 1.5

Source:Fatura SMS

This application is very useful to control spending on your credit card. For users who receive an SMS alert when a purchase on your card, check your bill can become more practical and easier.

The SMS Billing handles all SMS messages sent from your bank or credit card company and generates a report of your billing with all the transactions of the period. The user need only provide the sender, the closing day of your billing (it's not due date), and optionally the last 4 digits of your card to display in the report header.

Currently the application is able to handle four message formats:

--> Banco do Brasil:
Message: BB Informa: compra no(a) ESTABELECIMENTO , cartao de credito final XXXX, valor RS XX, XX, em dd/mm/yy, as hh:mmh.

--> Credcard Mastercard
Message: Compra aprovada no seu EXTRA ITAUCARD MC final XXXX - ESTABELECIMENTO valor RS XX, XX em dd/mm as HHhmm.

--> Santander:
Message: {TOKEN}Santander Informa: Transacao Cartao VISA final XXXX de R$ XX, XX aprovada em dd/mm/yy as hh:mm ESTABELECIMENTO

Message: Compra aprovada no seu TAM ITAUCARD MC final XXXX - ESTABELECIMENTO valor R$ XX, XX em dd/mm, as HHhmm.

Any change in message formats may make it impossible that the message is processed.

************** COMING SOON ****************
Soon, SMS Billing will process SMS messages from all banks and card administrators!

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